Farhan Chowdhury(Producer & Owner)

Farhan Chowdhury is an International Supermodel who relocated to Minnesota to further his education and career. Farhan is Runway model and Handles all international shows on behalf of his mother Parvis Chowdhury who is also an International Designer with 18 Best Fashion Designer Awards.Farhan has appeared in New York Fashion Week,Los Angeles Fashion Week, Las Vegas Fashion Week, Northern Vogue, LPF, Pump Fashion Show etc. Counting more then 100 shows.Farhan’s goal is to encourage others to pursue their talents and passions.

Mimi Litecky (Assistant and Media Director)

Minneapolis native Mimi Litecky is a model, social media influencer, communications and public relations major, and event planner. Mimi’s role with United Together is to oversee all the parts that make up the show, while assisting Farhan. Her personal mission is to help young girls all over learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry while maintaining her belief that each individual encouraged to be authentic and stand out.

Andrew Garcia (Head Of Financials / Sponsorships)

I never had much of it, fashion that is. As I got older I started to learn that it was a important way for people to express themselves. It is true that there are some stigmas with the fashion world. Some people believe that the modern world of fashion can be restrictive, harsh and projects an unrealistic expectation of models. That's why I joined United Together. Their mission to redefine the fashion industry with Respect, Love, and Unity among all.

Cheyenne French ( Communications Director)

 A Model and Influencer.Cheyenne started her career as a model at the young age of fourteen and for the past five years has been working hard to manifest her dreams while advocating for women’s rights, empowerment and equality. Cheyenne had found passion in fashion, art and cultural appreciation throughout the years while pursuing her need for continuous growth, learning and leadership. Her passion for cultural appreciation, beauty, art, fashion and human rights.

Britany Cich (Event Co-Ordanitor)

Originally from Minnesota, Britany is studying Music Education for her undergraduate career and pursuing a physiology for her graduate studies. She strives to make a difference with every other she crosses whether that be encouraging confidence or spreading happiness. Britany is new to the fashion world, but is not new to the social norms we have in today’s society. She is wanting to make a difference with how everyone looks at the social norms by uniting together behind an amazing cause that does exactly that.