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United Together Model Agency


What We Offer :

Guaranteed14 Fashion Shows/Weeks.
2 Magazine features.

United Together App feature (Lifetime)
United Together Reality TV Show (Some Scenes)

United Together Fashion Show 

United Together Film Production

Domestic Fashion Show (USA)

New York Fashion Week (NY)
Los Angeles Fashion Week (CA)
Las Vegas (NV)
Minnesota Fashion Show (MN)
Miami Swimwear Week (FL)
Chicago (IL)
Atlanta (GA)
Detroit (MA)
Washington (DC)
Dallas (TX)
Nashville (TN)
Milwaukee (WI)

International Fashion Shows

Paris Fashion Week
Italy Fashion Show
Milan Fashion Week
Greece Fashion Show
France Fashion Show
London Fashion Week
Bangladesh Fashion Week
Australia Fashion Show
New Zealand Fashion Show
Switzerland Fashion Show

United Together Yearly Magazine Feature
United Together App Feature
United Reality TV Show Feature

Model Enrollment Agency


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