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United Together has the simple goal of bringing together different cultures, designers, and traditions of many different styles by doing just that: uniting them together. Every aspiring designer, model, and artist has a dream-and we want to learn about it and give them those opportunities. We are redefining fashion and beauty standards to be an all inclusive ordeal that incorporates everyone, regardless of background or experience. When we unite together, we flourish with our common passion: a love for art and fashion.

 We are a creative consortium of hardworking designers, models, and entrepreneurs from around the world with one common passion: the art of fashion. Our goal is to share that passion with all, redefining the fashion industry to have no limits and include all with a desire to expand their fashion career. United Together is just that: uniting other designers, models and entrepreneurs from all parts of the world, regardless of experience, background, or appearance. Everyone deserves a chance, an opportunity, an experience to achieve their dreams-and that’s what our whole goal is here with our show: United Together. 

 What makes us different from other fashion shows is our objective of acceptance for every individual in our artistic community. Instead of discriminating against individuals, we celebrate our differences and allow each personnel a chance to both teach and learn from others. We break the mold by inviting everyone to be a part of our show, despite people’s race, culture, sexual orientation, gender, religious practices, and more. Every person is creative in their own way-and everyone deserves a chance to show their talent.

United Together has the goal of expanding to different parts of the world with shows that emulate the different cultures that we celebrate. United Together will have new designers and models depending on the location, allowing every aspiring entrepreneur and artist a chance to display their hard work. We look forward to learning more about different designers along the way, and thank you for accompanying us on this journey.

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